Cataract surgery can be considered when a cataract is affecting a person’s quality of life and/or interfering with regular daily activities.  Surgery involves removing the cloudy lens (cataract) and replacing it with a clear, artificial lens.

Dr. Katz most commonly performs  the “No-Stitch” procedure, which requires no needles, sutures or patches.  Eyedrops are used to anesthetize the eye.  Through a corneal incision that is less than 3.0mm, Dr. Katz uses an ultrasound probe to break up and remove the cataract.  This procedure is called phacoemulsification.  The cataract is replaced with an intraocular lens that is specifically chosen using measurements of your eye as well as advanced lens calculations.

Choosing the right target vision and artificial lens implant is an important part of the procedure.  The new lens is chosen to decrease dependence on spectacles.  Since each patient has different preferences and each eye is different, Dr. Katz always thoroughly discusses lens implant options with each patient prior to surgery so that she can best meet his or her needs and wishes.

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